Adjustable Electronics Mount 
With all new Turnlock Design 
Price --$107.00

               By far our most popular mount offering youseveral different mounting options.  
            New for
2010 is the all new turn-lock design.  Once you tighten this mount down your 
           electronics will
not move even in the roughest conditions.  Removing the unit is done 
             quickly and easily
with  the course thread thumbscrew on the top of the mount.  
            The best just got better with the
all new Adjustable Electronics Mount from Stabil-Mount.


                                                     Fixed Position Mount

                Here is another top seller from Stabil-Mount.  The  Fixed Position Mount 
otherwise  knowed as “Shorty”  offers you unmatched stability when dealing

              with  flat surface horizontal mounting. A great choice for securing electronics
On the bow of your boat.


                                                                                GPS Puck Mount



                   Don’t want to drill anymore holes in your boat or do you want to make your
GPS unit portable?   Stabil-Mount offers
an adjustable GPS Module holder
that can help you out with that.



                                                                      Rod Holder Handline Reel Mount


                       This is for all you  “Handliners” out there.  The quarter inch hole through the plate 
makes mounting a Riviera or A&S handline reel  quick and simple.  The six inch plate 
                                                        holds your reel off to the side which protects
the finish of your boat eliminating 
                                                       cable rub,
it also puts you in a straight line from reel to hand giving you optimum 
                                                       feel of the cable. 
The stem is designed to drop into any of todays popular rodholer 
                                                        mounts.  Run the pin through
the hole underneath and away you go, your reels are 
                                                                          held firmly in place even when your
boat is up on plane! 

                                                                      Gunwhale Handline Reel  Mount



                  The Gunwhale Mount is designed for mounting on boats with large flat gunwhales.  This mount 
                                 is popular with the guys and gals
running aluminum boats that that have just that.  
                            This mount uses the same detaching
system as the electronic mounts from Stabil-Mount. 
A few turns of the thumb screw and you can take your reels on and off 
                       quickly and very easily.


                                                                       Wedge for Ranger “Z” Boats

                                                                                 Call for Pricing


This wedge is made to fit the mounting holes of the Adjustable Electronics Mount and is 
             designed to fit the curved surface
on the console of  Ranger’s Bass or “Z” Series boats.















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